Low - Priced Deliveries on bicycles...


Deliveries take place from 5 am until 10:00 pm at regular rates WHICH ARE ILS 28 INCLUDING VAT.

However from 10 pm until the following morning at 5 am all deliveries are under double rates - ILS 57 per one time delivery, i.e, regular rates packages and discounts, will all apply again from the following morning from 5 a.m and each morning until 10 pm. each day.

Furthermore, the double-rated "night shift" from 10 pm until 5 am, the following morning applies only to the basic area.

Basic rate for one-time deliveries=ILS 28 including VAT, and in bulk with extensive discounts:

A. Only ILS 201 if you purchase 10 deliveries in advance

B. Only ILS 378 if you purchase 20 deliveries in advance

C. Only ILS 885 if you purchase 50 deliveries in advance

D. Only ILS 1534 if you purchase 100 deliveries in advance

Basic area is the entire area from the Abouelafia Bakery in Yafo (Jaffa) up to the Tel Aviv Port (Namal Tel Aviv) and up to the Bursa Area in Ramat Gan and up to the Rambam Square in Givataim.

Premium Rush - ONLY for the basic area above - within the hour ILS 57- no discounts - all activity ceases and everythng is simply dropped in order to cater to the Premium Rush Client and the package/envelope arrives at it's destination within an hour from the end of the phone call or text message to us.

No need to phone if you wish to order a delivery. Emailing will suffice:[email protected] you could text me 0546748375 - tal

Invoice needed?

No problem!!

Simply send your email address and the invoice will be EMAILED to you

If your 're located in Ramat Aviv or Ramat Hahyal or Bnei Brak or Givataim after Rambam Plaza or Ramat Gan after the Bursa Area, you will enjoy better payment terms - in spite of the packages being double the price,

The following are rates that actually cover the entire area from North Bat Yam and North Holon until Tel Baruch Tzafon, incl. the Mashtela near the Pil Restaurant - does not include SEA & SUN - the rate for a one time delivery in that case is ILS 48 + VAT.And in bulk (with extensive discounts)

A. Pay Only ILS 201 if you purchase 5 deliveries.

B. Pay Only ILS 378 if you purchase 10 deliveries.

C. Pay Only ILS 885 if you purchase 25 deliveries

C. Pay Only ILS 1534 if you purchase 50 deliveries

IF YOU GATHER 100 people or more...EXTREMELY low cost delivery crowd-financed track for only ILS 9 per month, providing you are part of a group consisting of a minimum crowd of 100 paying customers - this track will allow you to enjoy deliveries which normally cost 28 or 19 shekels or as low as 13 TO COST YOU NINE SHEKELS -

THIS IS NOT A TYPO - 9 ONLY !!! The first delivery during the month being free-of-charge. The price of a single one-time delivery is the lowest in the market ILS 28 INCLUDING VAT.